As a business, non-profit or individual, there comes the possibility of having idle funds in your possession. Probably the motive for having the Funds is yet to materialise or you simply have excess cash without an immediate pending activity.

Leave it in the Bank

Yes keep your money in the Bank, that is the first storage option but not necessarily the best. The major reason being the low rate of effective returns derivable from it.

Time Value of Money

Money is either earning or loosing, irrespective of its state. Whether you invest or not, you are either gaining or loosing in terms of interest income, charges, value appreciation/depreciation, opportunity cost etc. And don’t forget Inflation.

So where can you invest:

Well you won’t just take your cash and simply dump in in any investment vehicle you see out there. That is why we have carefully selected a list of reputable investment options that might be applicable to you based on amount, tenure, rate, risk assessment and cash accessibility.

#1 –

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