How it Works

Keeping a clean record shouldn’t be a burden.

Using BookKeeper is 10x better, simpler and time efficient for your business.

Super Fast & Simple Onboarding Process

Get your business data on BookKeeper. On OutsourcedPro, we take care of everything.


Just a few basic information about your business and what you do.

Communication Channel

We contact you, onboard your business and create the Cloud Account. You provide details of authorised communication source – User Email and Phone numbers we can accept data from.

Accounts Chart

Based on information provided, we setup your Books of Account.

Updating the books; keeping the records

Multiple communication channels: Email, Helpdesk & Whatsapp


Simply send a copy of the transaction from your registered email to


Logon to with your registered details and send your data.


From your registered phone number, simply snap or whichever way you deem fit and send to 08048000160

Reporting and Book Reconcilliation

We consolidate your books monthly, provided necessary data have been made available.

Month-end Update

Month end financial updates, recognition of all accruals, and prepayment. Journal preparation and postings.

Bank & Other Reconcilliation

You provide us with the Bank statements and ever other necessary information eg Inventory count, Debtors/Creditors statement etc.


We pledge to conclude month-end reporting 5 working days after every necessary data has been provided. Usually, all reports will be made available on the Cloud Portal. Issues needing attention will be communicated most times via Email.

Enjoy the Immense Benefits of Cloud Accounting now

Assured Privacy & Security of Data

99.9% Up-time ensured
Affordable Fees & Dedicated Support