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A Simple Message Appreciating Motherhood

This week is for our mothers, yes!!! Mothers' Day. While Business do not have mothers, the people who run them do. I believe every mother should be celebrated not just by their sons but also by their peers, husbands, friends and the public. There is something about...

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Seven Tips to Better Customer Invoicing and Getting Paid

Whether you run a goods or service business, you will at some point need to advise clients of items purchased or service delivered. Invoicing is the default tool for doing so. Using the tips below could make a big difference to how you invoice your clients and help improve your business brand and success.

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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Preamble In a competitive world of business; with organisations offering virtually the same service, the only way to outgrow or stand out from the crowd is the quality of service before and after. Introduction: In any given business environment or rather industry,...

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